What's on the Issue 5 CD?

extempore 5 CD from JazzgrooveRead our description of tracks on the bonus CD that comes with Issue 5 – a compilation of 12 diverse tracks from Jazzgroove Records.

1 ‘The Rush’ The Subterraneans The Subterraneans 4:13
2 ‘Paul’s Gift’ Greg Coffin Trio It’s Neither either or. It’s both and. 6:54
3 ‘Far Far’ Arrow Big Sea 7:03
4 ‘Sajitona’ Tim Clarkson Trio Crab 5:14
5 ‘Turquoise’ The Translators The Translators 6:08
6 ‘Eli Atah’ Mark Ginsburg Generations 7:10
7 ‘Down Town’ The Alcohotlicks You, You 3:33
8 ‘Return Of The End’ The Dilworths Introducing…The Dilworths 5:53
9 ‘Mosaic’ Tom O’Halloran Trio We Happy Few 10:57
10 ‘Heavy Cherry’ Kim Lawson Trio Alive And Kicking 4:06
11 ‘Honkey Donkey’ The Fantastic Terrific Munkle Music To Dance To 2:43
12 ‘Razzamatbaz’ Baz Lady from Toulouse 2:56

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